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You are such a naughy boy, always peeking on Mommy.  Maybe it is time for you to stop spying on me and start playing with me. I am ready for us to have a secret taboo relationship. We can be more than just friends, we can be fetish buddies.  Call me for erotic taboo fetish phone sex.


Look at you. After all these years you’re still sneaking around corners and peeking in on me. I remember when your Dad and I first got married. You seemed to shy to even come up to me. You would stand in the hall and Peek in on us watching TV. We would have to call you into the room to site with us. It was very cute then.
But now you are older and here you are, still in the hallway peeking on Mommy. Now I find you peeking in the bedroom.
Stop peeking baby, your old enough to come in here with Mommy. You will find I’m nice to touch. I’m sure you and I can teach each other a few things. We will play but we must keep it a secret. We don’t need to tell Daddy about the things I’m going to teach you.
I will be your new teacher, and baby there will be a lot of homework and practice time. This is homework I know you will be very attentive too. Just remember Baby practice makes perfect and honey I do love a willing student. When Mommy is done with you sweet one, you will be able to please any woman.
Cum straight home from school and Mommy will have something special for you to snack on.
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Suckle right here baby boy
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