Perverted Mommie Pam
Nasty preverted Mommy Pam. I am a very outwardly open sexually. I will be your guiding hands. This mommy is a hands on teacher. Guided masturbation, prostate milking, and sissification are some of the lessons I can teach you. But love and acceptance has a lover will always be number one.


I am a loving and devote Mother of 3. I have two boys and a daughter. I love my family very much and I have always tried to be open and honest with them on all things. That includes sex.
Puberty is hard on a young boy. There bodies go through changes. He should embrace this time as a right of passage into manhood.
To help my son’s I thought these times as life skills. I taught them how to put on a condom. I taught them how to masturbate and Yes, I taught them how to make love to a Woman. Sex is a very powerful experience. I do not want my son’s to have to fumble through it; I want them to enjoy it. I made sex fun for my son’s, I will make it fun for you too.
I believe a sensual erotic Mommie describes me best. I am gentle loving and kind. I have a very special fondness for shy boys who needs an encouraging Mommie that will let them explore all of there desires. You can talk to me about all your desires. Mommie is here listening … waiting … Call Now ! 1-866-392-0670

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